Our design philosophy

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IOU design and produce environmentally friendly and community social produced products with high quality and with a community socially and environmentally responsible.

We sell them through our website and at selected retailers and at about 10-15 fairs across the country each year. Here you will find furniture for outdoor use as well as home textiles, glass, ceramics and products for meeting places in the public domain.

Product development, production, distribution, finance, management, marketing and sales takes place partly in the form of a training programme to help the people in exclusion back into society. We have partnered with a number of Swedish companies to develop, produce and distribute our products and all our partners receive trainees and apprentices from us. Many of the companies we work with are also samhälssociala company.

Surplus from operating activities goes to organizations and projects working to help people in exclusion and reduce human suffering. We market our products under the brand name IoU, a[ay-o-jo]n English play on words that means ”I owe you.” NCE is also an English-American expression of the promissory note. . We are on the way back can do something and then we make the product under the brand name IoU and anyone who is not in an exclusion can support the process by buying products from brand name IoU.

We work with a variety of organizations that help people both in Sweden and internationally.

IOU Design manufactures and markets products of good design and high quality, manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. The goal is to offer a comprehensive range of products for the dining table as well as for your garden and public space. We develop, manufacture and market products based on the five pillars of our product philosophy:

• Eco-friendly products
• Good design
• High quality
• produced, distributed and marketed by people in social exclusion
• Sales are exclusively charitable purposes as part of the profit goes to combat crime and drugs, and to help people in social exclusion in the labour market.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]