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In our production we collaborate with a variety of actors, ranging from furniture manufacturers to community social co-operatives in Italy.

"Opera in Fiore"
OPERA in Fiore is a social cooperative non-profit organization dedicated to training and work programme for integration in society of people in social exclusion of people with disabilities in collaboration with private companies. The goal is to reduce human suffering and create a stable social inclusion of disadvantaged persons.

"UMA Viet Nam"
UMA is a leading Vietnamese furniture manufacturer and retail chain to give its customers a home that reflects the owners ' individuality and dreams, and their standards of comfort and quality.

"Floda Woodwork"
We manufacture and deliver furniture according to your requirements in respect of quality, delivery and cost requirements. Our long experience and high competence in the field of, among other things, construction, furniture woodworking, cnc programming, coating and logistics together with our broad machine park enables us to be a natural choice for you.

"Glass Company"
An Ammy O and Erika Kristofersson Bredberg is founder of Glass Company.
 {%!=d646653f-d5ae-497c-aa74-88458a74199d=!%} Glass company aims to at all stages working environment consciously for a sustainable future in Swedish glass. A major focus is on environmental aspects. To our glass furnace, we use the biogas as fuel, and all glass objects made from recycled glass. Bridge Glassworks is located at Sätra gård in Upplands-Bro municipality North of Stockholm.

"Carpentry shop in Rems hot shop"
We are a carpentry in the scenic Rämshyttan in the valleys that produce most of the furniture and Interior carpentry. We manufacture and sell various disability aids such as aggravated claw tsar and angle adjustable working boards and custom tools. All products are CE marked. Our choice of surface treatment and painting have been guided by environmental concerns, as well as by our and your demands on good hygiene and function of the products. We avoid unnecessary small packs and packs of material, mostly corrugated, which you can recover. We also make sure that shipments to our customers is carried out by a company which is ISO 14000 certified, which is a good choice from an environmental concerns.

"Weda reuse"
Weda Recycling is a part of the labour market unit in Södertälje municipality. In co-operation with Södertälje municipality's recycling centers and residents who donate things like end-of-life care is taken old things. Things are sorted and disposed of or taken care of in order to get a new life. They are cleaned, repaired and/or used as feedstock in the manufacture of new products.

Take shape Art Foundry manufactures mainly products in concrete for garden setting. Through collaboration with various artists and designers, we offer a wide and varied range. We cast mainly in limited series and to share only on order, making our products more unique.
Take shape Art Foundry started in the beginning as a collaboration between a special school in Järna (Novalisskolan) and a construction company in Nykvarn, MT's construction. The business is still a possible training site for guys and girls who need additional support in the workplace.

"The Rules Of The Cooperative T3 Energy"
T3 energy was established in the year 2010 and is an independent economic association.  Initially, the municipality has enabled and staged the business evolved into an economic association. Our services focus mainly in Office maintenance, gardening and forestry efforts. The Association is led by a Board of Directors elected by the cooperative members, as well as working on the statutes and företagsmässigt thinking.

"Lundqvist Joinery"
Lundqvist Carpentry is started in 1939 by the innovative Carpenter, Harald Lundqvist. Nine years after its inception, the company gets patent on Lundiahyllan, Lundia Wood. The design is based on angle iron in the shelves and ends and the so-called self voltage principle. Success is immediate. Lundia Wood is still the backbone of the business although it added many other products and accessories over the years. As early as the 1940s designed bokhylleserien Classic-the first mass-produced book shelf for home and Office.
The factory in Gnesta is established for manufacture of Lundia Wood 1952. The factory remains in our possession for the manufacture of the product series Lundia Wood. The machinery is modern and production runs in two fully automated production lines.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]