About the IoU Trust

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The IoU Trust is a fundraising foundation with the aim of helping people in exclusion into the labor market and back into society.

We are working within two business, areas:

IOU Design, which designs and produces environmentally friendly and community social-produced products with high quality and with a community socially and environmentally responsible

IOU Garden Café where we sell locally grown, organic high-quality, locally produced smartfood in an environment furnished with products from IOU Design that course is also for sale. IoU Garden Café is run in the form of community social franchises, which contributes to social benefit socio-economically by creating jobs for people in exclusion.

Pathways into the labor market
Our overall objective with both IOU Design and IOU Design Garden Café is to create a self-sustaining rehabilitation and educational program that will serve as a gateway to the labor market for people coming out of the exclusion. By covering the entire process; from product development, production, distribution, sales, finance and administration, we can offer internships, training and work in a wide range of areas. For people coming out of an exclusion, access to a diverse selection of work is an necessity in order to try different professions and in order to find the motivation to develop themselves within a profession.

Social Social responsibility
One of the basic ideas of IoU – Design for Charity is to take a long-term sustainable community social responsibility. Our vision is to contribute to a better world based on a sustainable business concept where a mix of people, genders, ages, cultures and experience forms a strong team in which every individual the chance to find its place and see how he or she can help a single entity where one plus one equals three. A fundamental part is to help people get out of the isolation and into professional life in interaction with people from different parts of society. Our approach builds on that by helping others you will help yourself.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]